13 Steps for Chartering or Reactivating a PBL Chapter

STEP 1 The department or school of business should identify a faculty or staff member(s) to serve as a chapter adviser(s).  If students initiate the process, the group should secure a faculty member who is willing to serve as chapter adviser.

STEP 2 Investigate college or university policies regarding approval of new student organizations, typically coordinated through the school’s student government association.

STEP 3 Schedule an informational meeting for interested students.  Select a time and location that is most convenient for the majority of students, allowing approximately 30 minutes for the initial information sharing session.  Consider inviting a state chapter officer or a member of the state committee (consult the state directory) to speak during your informational meeting.  These individuals will be glad to share their knowledge about the organization with you and your students.

STEP 4 Create flyers to publicize the informational meeting.  Post these flyers in appropriate and approved locations in hallways and classrooms.  Consider sending a memo to business faculty soliciting their encouragement of students to attend this informational meeting.

STEP 5 Acquire and reproduce a quantity of the generic membership information brochure (from the state adviser) to distribute at the informational meeting.  The brochure can be tailored to your local chapter at a later date for use as a membership recruitment tool.

STEP 6 Conduct the informational meeting.  The faculty adviser, students, or invited state chapter representative(s) can conduct the meeting.  The informational brochure can serve as a guide for discussion during the meeting.  Appoint a committee of three to five potential members to draft a set of bylaws for consideration at the next meeting.  Before adjourning, establish date, time, and location for next meeting during which bylaws should be adopted, dues paid, and officers elected.

STEP 7 Draft chapter bylaws using the Suggested Local Chapter Bylaws included in this section of the State Handbook.  Develop a membership application form for distribution to prospective members at the next meeting, using the sample membership application form included in this section.

STEP 8 Send both the application for chartering or reactivating, included in this packet, and the new local constitution and bylaws to State Adviser Erich Heneke for approval.  (The application process typically requires six weeks.)  With approval of these materials by the state office, they will be sent to the national office with a recommendation that the chapter be granted a charter.

STEP 9 Repeat Steps 3, 4, and 5 in preparation for the chapter organizational meeting.

STEP 10 Conduct the chapter organizational meeting.  The meeting can be conducted by the faculty adviser, students, or, again, by an invited state officer or state committee member.  Prospective members in attendance should conduct the following business:

  1. Consider (modify as needed) and approve chapter bylaws
  2. Elect officers
  3. Pay state and national dues as approved with the bylaws
  4. Pay charter or reactivation fee (may have been included with step 8)

STEP 11 Chapter officers should meet with the chapter adviser to begin developing a program of work for the chapter.  Materials that should be reviewed by each officer include:

--Local Chapter Guide (state chapter packet)

--Chapter Organization Packet (national association packet)

--NCPBL State Handbook (state publication)

--Chapter Management Handbook (national association publication

STEP 12 Upon receipt of the chapter charter from the national office, schedule a Chapter Installation Service, which can be conducted by a chapter at a nearby college or university.  Contact a state committee member (see Section II) to be present at the service.  Schedule the service approximately six weeks after submitting your application.

STEP 13 Publicize the chartering/reactivation of your chapter.  Inform the state historian, local newspapers, and your school newspaper.  Be sure to take pictures for bulletin boards, scrapbooks, and the North Carolina Phi Beta Lambda State Newsletter.